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Contact Person:
Vicki Jackson;
Program Manager
Phone: 740-695-0500 x 129
Phone: 740-609-3133 vjackson@belcoworks.com

Belco Works assists people with developmental disabilities to find and maintain employment in typical jobs in the business community. We focus on ability and work hard to find the right match between employee and employer each and every time. Community Employment also offers enclaves, work groups and janitorial services to help you meet your business needs.  

If you think good people are hard to find, think again.
People with developmental disabilities are some of the most reliable, competent and dedicated employees in the workplace today. Standing behind these valued employees is Belco Works Community Employment. For nearly a decade, Belco Works has been successfully matching employees with disabilities to employers looking to fill positions. We have good people ready to become the right employee for your company!  

Job Development and Match
We help you identify the positions in your business and the people who can do them

On-the-job Training and Coaching
We train your new employee and stay with him or her until the employee knows the job and reaches your expectations

Long-term follow-up
We check back in with you to make certain you and your new employee are being successful. We’ll even return to teach new job tasks or refine skills needed.

Assessments for Job Accommodations
We can, upon request, evaluate a specific job.  Sometimes an accommodation can be as simple as a paper clip to make the job easier to perform.

Task Analysis
Step by step breakdown of all duties of a job that can make establish a uniform training procedure.

Disability Sensitivity Training
Informal or formal training for all employees on proper interaction and awareness of individuals with developmental disabilities

Cost Saving Measures
We provide assistance and information regarding tax credits and also can save you additional training costs by providing the job coaching services.          

If you need to fill entry-level, high turnover, or supervisor-dependent positions, we can help!
We provide people with developmental disabilities job opportunities in the community. If you are an employer looking for quality employees, we can help you save on training costs and take advantage of tax credits available only to employers who hire workers with disabilities. Workers with disabilities can be some of the most qualified and competent employees in the workforce today. To learn more, call:  

The Right Person For the Right Job
Employment ServicesBelco Works places people with developmental disabilities in typical jobs that help them become contributing citizens of their community. We focus on ability and work hard to find the right match between employee and employer each and every time. When you hire someone with a disability, he or she will work hard for your success. There are other advantages to hiring people with disabilities as well. Learn more by calling Belco Works at 740-695-0500, ext. 152.  


“I am pleased with the efficiency and it is very evident (Cissy and Robin) take pride in their work.”            
Bud Haney, QES   

“Cindy’s attendance is awesome and she is certainly meeting our standards.  We are very happy with the job Cindy is doing.”
Kirk Roth AVI Food Systems  

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