Tomorrow's Corner

We Provide Adult Day Support


At Tomorrow's Corner, we believe that providing respect, choices, independence, and an overall positive environment results in people living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Everyone who comes to Tomorrow's Corner receives services, at their personal level of need, in the categories of personal care, mobility, nutrition, and safety.  We see these things as "basic" services, and we consider them "automatic" for each person to receive.

Above and beyond the basics, we provide opportunities in the areas of art, music, learning, nature, exercise, relaxation, and sensory stimulation.  Our sensory rooms are based on the Snoezelen concept.  We teach, we do not train. 

Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm

Contact person:

Vaughn Butler

Program Manager

Phone:  (740) 695-1110 
Fax:      (740) 695-1164

We believe in the power of hugs, smiles, kind words & fun. Tomorrow's Corner opened its doors in 2008, welcoming 

adults living with disabilities. In 2017, 

Belco Works acquired ownership of Tomorrow's Corner and continues to help adults living with disabilities to enjoy their day. 

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A provider of Adult Day Support
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Call now: 740-695-1110